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This material is for promotional purposes only. This public offering does not require prospectus.
  • 401,500 PLN raised capital
  • Project
  • 153 shareholders
  • 401,500 PLN share issue objective
  • 12.74 % equity on offer
  • 55 PLN share price
  • 7,300 no. of shares
  • 01.10.2016 end date

Join the largest and fastest growing platform for financing invoices in Poland!

For 3 years we have been changing the face of the polish factoring market, by transforming exchanging invoices into cash within one day. Join the largest and fastest growing platform for financing invoices in Poland. Due to your commitment we can ensure access to electronic financial products for thousands of small polish companies.

The experience of financing invoices worth 40 million PLN through Faktorama platform, with average rate of return of 27% p.a. confirms our business model and validity of the investment.

What will you gain?

You will become a co-owner of the largest factoring platform in Poland, which within 2 years will debut on The Warsaw Stock Exchange, bringing return from investment of 400%.

1 share

investment training course

Access to training courses performed by experts from Faktorama and partner companies. The training will be dedicated to both new and experienced investors.


Book about finance and investing

Buying at least 10 shares entitles You to receive book about finance and investing, which is specially chosen by us.


Invitation to a ball on occasion of debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The debut will take place within 24 months, but it is worth the wait. All owners of minimum 20 shares will be invited to a ball on occasion of debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


For investors running small and medium companies: gain new business clients due to Faktorama.

Do you have new business clients? We will help you gain new orders by offering your clients a delay in the payment date. We assess the credibility of contractors and ensure cash within 24 hours from the issuance of invoices, as a part of our tailor-made financing program.


Opportunity of becoming a buyer of invoices through a platform and reaching extraordinary gains.

Considering the legislative requirements, only business entities have the right to purchase invoices. Therefore we will create a custom-made Private Investor’s Club dedicated to our shareholders, which will enable earning money on invoices as a natural person. The decisions on who will purchase the invoices are performed with utmost care. One of the criteria of selection is the ability to finance invoices at the minimum level of 40 000 PLN. As a shareholder you will have the right to purchase invoices through our company from the amount of 5 000 PLN. In addition this investment will be divided into multiple number of invoices (ensuring diversification) on basis of a scoring model.


Live VIP investment training course

Live VIP investment training course, performed by tutors from Warsaw School of Economics or practitioners in fields of investments into invoices with delayed dates of payment and management of an investment portfolio.

Every owner of at least 200 shares willing to earn on financing invoices will be invited for an individual training to our office. The training will focus on necessary substantive and practical knowledge concerning earing profits on financing invoices.


Concierge Service performed by Faktorama

  • Opportunity of purchasing invoices with the service of managing investment portfolio by Faktorama
  • Access to the scoring system
  • Exclusivity for long-term financing of companies chosen by Faktorama
  • Possibility of insurance of payment for purchased invoices

Who We Are

Arkadiusz Kleszcz

Chairman of the Board

Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Finance and Accounting. He has taken part in the process of creating a new bank by IDM S.A. Group, and gained experience in finance and strategy in reputable consulting companies, such as A.T. Kearney and Deloitte

Jakub Ananicz

Board Member

Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Finance and Accounting and Internationa Business. He is the co-creator of an IT startup Software Operations, which provides services for international clients all over Poland and China. The company gained title of Entrepreneurship leader in 2010.

He has gained experience in finance, among others, in the consulting company EY. He is the founder of the first factoring platform in Poland – Faktorama, for which he has been awarded with the “People of Factoring” award.

Tomasz Skuza

Operations Director

Graduate of Law at Jagiellonian University. Scholar of Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Gained professional experience in one of the leading Viennese advocate offices. Sales director responsible for establishing and maintaining relations with key clients.

Krzysztof Lis

Director of law department

Graduate of Law at Maria Skłodowska University. Specialized in economic law in fields of factoring and debt. Gained professional experience in, among others, advocate office, debt collection office and regional prosecutor’s office. In Faktorama responsible for coordination of law activities.

Andrzej Żurawski

Chairman of the Board

Creator of BonusCard sp. z o.o.. In previous years engaged in providing consulting services for companies from financial and telecom sector in the fields of strategy consulting, loyalty programs, CRM and additional services for mobile networks. Entrepreneur connected with TMT market, investor engaged in couple of start-ups.

Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics and Harvard University. Lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics, author of scientific publications, engaged in R&D works and the cooperation between academic environment and business.

Paweł Kleszcz

Board of directors’ Member

During his carrier worked as auditor for KPMG, PwC and Delloite. Ex Board Member of extracting company, which had mines in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. At the moment responsible for the field of internal audit company from Tabaco industry.

Tomasz Marczuk

Board of directors’ Member

Founder and author of the idea of BonusCard Sp. z o.o, a company which operates in the field of investment (seed capital fund), focused on incubation of new businesses. The company aims for starting new businesses in cooperation with authors of the ideas and private investors. As a member of project “Spinaker Innowacji” acts as Investment Director. At the moment serves managerial roles in a couple of start-up companies on the polish market. Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics. Member of Polish Economic Society.

What we already achieved?

Gross profit on sales (in 1000 PLN)

How it is work?



After registration and positive verification log on to the platform.



Enter the sold receivables and specify the conditions under which you are ready to sell.



The invoice goes to the auction and bidders compete for the purchase of



Bidders who submitted the most attractive offer makes the payment of the invoice

Platforms for financing invoices globally

Factoring platforms for the last few years have been growing rapidly all over the world, playing a critical role in financing invoices of small- and medium-sized companies.

The world’s first invoice financing platform “The Receivables Exchange” began its operational activity in 2010. In January 2012 (within approximately 1 year from the start of the business) the value of financed invoices reached 1 billion US dollars. In the second half of 2011 NYSE Euronext purchased minority shareholding of “The Receivables Exchange”.

On the European market, alongside Faktorama, the British platform “Marketinfoice” achieved rapid growth. From the beginning of business in 2011 it intermediated in the financing of invoices worth 740 million pounds.

Factoring platform in Europe against the background of market size (in mld EUR)

Our plans for the upcoming years

Factoring as a service is still not very popular among entrepreneurs, who falsely associate factoring with debt collection or a product dedicated only to large companies. Means acquired by the emission of shares will enable us to raise the awareness among small- and medium-sized companies about factoring and the benefits associated with Factorama’s services.

Target for 2016: Educational and promotional action

  • Education of 2 000 small- and medium- sized companies in field of factoring and opportunities of financing on Faktorama’s platform

Target for 2017: Increasing scale

  • Trippling the number of both institutional and private investors
  • Financing of 50 000 000 PLN

Target for 2018: Debut on the stock exchange

  • 100 000 000 PLN worth invoices financed annually
  • EBITDA of 500 000 PLN
  • Debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange with valuation of 10 million PLN
  • Obtainment of 2 million PLN for further development